Oh, and one more thing about tomorrow…

I know I’m going to have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach the first time I see Fedora call that (*@^#)%@# bubble screen.

I only hope that we see someone (Reshad Jones, maybe?) come flying up from the secondary and level the receiver immediately after the catch. (Second choice would be having a corner read the play and step into the flat and intercept Reid.)

Somebody needs to pay. We deserve it.


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5 responses to “Oh, and one more thing about tomorrow…

  1. kckd

    LMAO, this proves my point about a fairly significant minority of UGA fans.

    Again, these are the awesome numbers that Fedora, with arguably more talent at UF put up against us in his three years.

    20 points, OMG, bring Ramsey back!!!!
    13 points, maybe we can find a good High School DC.
    24 points, let’s just forfeit the game, the shame will be too much to take when he puts up such an ungodly amount points on our defense Sept. 1.

    The bubble screen was frustrating because it kept some drives going, but you guys make it sound like they scored two tds a quarter with that thing.


  2. kckd

    Ah, I was wrong. In 2003 UF slaughtered us with 16 points. Oh, the agony. How could we let them walk up and down the field that way. We couldn’t stop a 95 year old short on viagara from scoring.


  3. Who said anything about scoring?

    It’s an irritation – BVG could never stop that play when UF called it.

    Even you concede it’s frustrating.


  4. kckd

    He couldn’t stop it, yet they didn’t score much.



  5. kckd

    But if a first down gives you nightmares, well, Gonna be a long season senator.