And let the poor mouthing begin.

The Ol’ Ball Coach isn’t impressed with his team.

“In a way this is real good for our team. Now we know we’re just a bunch of average stiffs,” said Spurrier, who set the goal of an SEC championship in his third year. “And we’re going to have a very average year if we don’t play a lot better. So we don’t need to think we’re any good.”

I bet Blake Mitchell is being forced at gunpoint to go to class this week.


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2 responses to “And let the poor mouthing begin.

  1. kckd

    Steve is a straight shooter, not a poor mouther. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ll give us a game, they’ve done that with some of the worst coaches in America. But when he says he’s got problems he’s got problems.

    Heck, he even looked on the bright side by saying they stopped them in the redzone a couple of times. he’d never do that at UF.


  2. La-La runs a trick offense, like Georgia Southern used to in the day. There’s only so much preparation you can do on defense for that.

    I am a little surprised the two QBs that played didn’t show much after two early TDs – but that’s why I expect Mitchell to play.