Crazy? Crazy like a fox, maybe…

That Jim Delany. He’s two steps ahead of everyone.

Perhaps the greatest upset in the history of college football – and you couldn’t see it unless you had the Big Ten Network.

Get with the plan, Comcast…


UPDATE: Here’s a taste of what Delany has to sell (via, to nobody’s surprise, Jason at Eleven Warriors):


UPDATE #2: So much for tongue in cheek.


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3 responses to “Crazy? Crazy like a fox, maybe…

  1. kckd

    One more thing this game should draw attention too. How the Big Ten constantly gets neutralized with speed over size. Michigan had no answer for it.


  2. That loss sucked big ass for the Big Ten, but it is what it is. Another argument for a playoff?

    Perhaps some gigantic American version of the FA Cup? Juco, FCS, D1, NFL .. come one, come all.