Reality show

In his pain, Michael Elkon hits on what is special about college football:

The third most vexing aspect of the game yesterday is that it reminded me of the soul-crushing nature of college football. I love the sport because it is the only American sport with a meaningful regular season and as a result, every game means so much. The downside to this reality is that my team blew its season in the noon timeslot on the first day of the season. Where do I go from here (other than to decide that sports are a cruel bitch goddess that needs to be dumped)? Additionally, because college football games mean so much, fans remember them. No one remembers the Devil Rays beating the Yankees or the Hawks beating the Spurs, but everyone will remember Michigan losing to Appalchian State. Michigan fans are going to hear about this game for years. Casual fans who don’t know the first thing about the sport will be able to smirk and say “Appalachian State, dude!” every time I wear a Michigan t-shirt. (And suffice it to say, I won’t be wearing the one that just says “The Victors” any time soon.)

Of course, if we had an extended playoff, Michigan wakes up this morning with an embarrassed grin on its face and gets on with the task of qualifying to be the twelfth or sixteenth best team in the country…


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2 responses to “Reality show

  1. kckd

    They very well could still be in this thing. Mark my words, if they win out the regular season they’ll be a top five team by the last week and as last year showed, a couple of upsets in the conference championship games and they are right there.

    But hell, that’s still better than having two non conference champions playing for the title, which has happened twice in this great system that makes the whole season a playoff.


  2. If Michigan wins out the regular season, the Big Ten is a complete fraud of a football conference.