Oh stop, you’ll give ’em a big head.

Hey, you do good enough, some people will start saying nice things about it.

From John Harris at College Football News:

Lose almost an entire defense to graduation or the NFL Draft?  No problem.  Lose a potential All-American corner to ineligibility and then the NFL supplemental draft?  What, me worry?  Start an offensive line overflowing with freshmen and sophomores?  No sweat.  This is what faced Georgia head coach Mark Richt prior to a dangerous opener with potent Oklahoma State, but in the end, the Cowboys were the ones leaving with the lesson learned.  Behind a strong performance by quarterback Matt Stafford and that young offensive line, the Bulldogs put up 35 points on an OSU defense that must get better.  On the other side of the ball, defensive coordinator Willie Martinez’s defense sent the true shot across the bow, holding the Cowboys to only 14 points.  If you didn’t know the Bulldogs defensive depth chart in 2006 or in 2007, you’d have thought it was loaded with nine or ten returning players.  Richt and his staff were as prepared, on the field and in recruiting the past few years, for a night like this as any staff could possibly have been.  When you rank the great coaches in the nation, you’d better have this man up in your top five.

And here’s something Mergz at Saurian Sagacity posted:

The best showing in “a real game” week one was by Georgia, hands down. Stafford looked sharp, and the Bulldog defense held the Cowboy offense to only 3 or 13 on 3rd down conversions. Oklahoma State had only 266 yards of offense. (Remember, Oklahoma State QB Bobby Reid had a better QB rating than Brady Quinn last year). In 2006, the Reid led offense of Oklahoma State scored less than 14 points only once (10 in a loss to Texas). They scored 41 in beating Nebraska, and 34 in beating Alabama in the Independence bowl.

One other thought:  last year, Bobby Reid and Zac Robinson combined to rush for 644 yards on 148 carries (a 4.35 average).  On Saturday, they rushed the ball 11 times for -14 yards.  I’ve had some harsh words in the past for Martinez’ inability to scheme against running QBs, but he saw stopping Reid on the ground as the key to controlling the OSU offense, and he succeeded admirably.


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2 responses to “Oh stop, you’ll give ’em a big head.

  1. I’ve always thought that Richt had to do more, with less talent than some other schools. Not to say that we don’t have GREAT talent, but there are many football beasts that don’t make it into UGA for whatever reason – that end up going to Florida (i.e. Carlos Dunlap), LSU or Auburn (Trey Blackmon).

    By the way, we can hang with LSU and Auburn – and soon, the worm will turn with the Gators.

    Point being, I think he is definitely among the top five head coaches in the nation. Without question.


  2. LrgK9

    Richt, the head coach, was directly involved with the Defense and the LB coaching – Making sure Jancek, the LBs, and DEs were solid.
    Its nice to have a ‘fully involved’ head coach!

    Garner’s DTs play was so strong up the middle that the DEs and LBs had breathing room to GATqbA!