Thanks for paying attention.

You want to know why I love the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

From Tony Barnhart today we are told it’s OK to hate Steve Spurrier, but are admonished nonetheless:

But when you do that, you’re playing right into his hands. Ever notice that before a big game Spurrier almost always does something that gets people writing and talking about him? That is his way of deflecting pressure from his team and putting it on him. That is one reason why his teams tend to be more relaxed and play well in the big games. And Saturday’s trip to Athens is a big game.

Gosh, Tony, thanks for the warning.  But exactly why has this come up as an issue in the first place?

Because Tony’s employer thought it would be a swell idea to run a poll on the subject.



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2 responses to “Thanks for paying attention.

  1. DAve

    This why I prefer to get my accurate sports reporting from ESPN. They really know their southern college football.


  2. We truly live in the golden age of sports journalism, don’t we?