Now is the winter of HeismanPundit’s content.

The man is probably feeling positively giddy right now: the Pac-10 picks up two more solid wins on its resume with Oregon’s humiliation of Michigan and Washington’s victory over Boise State (which has probably had its “Gang of Six” membership revoked with the loss) and the SEC is starting to look like LSU and a cast of thousands – in other words, a tad overrated.

Speaking of LSU, it’s starting to look like the Tigahs and the Sooners may be the class of college football this season. Two very impressive wins for those schools yesterday…


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  1. KG

    And one embarrassing shallacking as Oregon State (picked as the 4th best Pac 10 team) goes down BIG to the preseason #6 team Cincinatti. Ouch!

    Then again . . . maybe the Big East is the best conference. Oregon State and Auburn sure help that argument.