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Too much fun

Another day, another college administrator cracking down on excessive behavior.

Drugs?  Nope.

Drinking?  Nope.

Violent behavior?  Nope.

Corn eating.

That Philip Jones sounds like a swell guy to go out and have a beer with, doesn’t he?  As long as it’s only one… and you’d better make it a light beer… with low-salt pretzels.


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No love lost

Somehow, I don’t think Tommy Tuberville will be getting a Christmas card from Jackie Sherrill this year.

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LB changes – is there a story here?

I’m probably reading wayyy too much into the tea leaves, but I wonder if something is afoot with regard to the linebacking corps.

First, there’s this cryptic comment from Mark Richt at the end of the last Bulldog Hotline show:

Closing remark from Richt: If guys don’t want to play this week we’ll find someone who wants to.

Now, I’m seeing stuff like this…

from Josh Kendall:


Linebacker Akeem Dent worked as Georgia’s starting strongside linebacker during Wednesday’s practice, a spot manned by Brandon Miller in the first two games of the year.

Richt would not say if any changes in the starting lineup are expected this week.

Miller “is doing all right, he’ll be fine,” Richt said.

… a similar note from Marc Weiszer at the ABH, and a more careful phrasing of the same observation from David Ching:

I don’t know if there’ll be a shakeup at LB this week, but they’re at least giving Akeem Dent some run with the starters at strongside linebacker. It’s probably safe to see him a good bit this week. Lots of young guys are probably going to get that chance, most likely. Sounds like Darryl Gamble and Marcus Washington might be among those guys, too.

I doubt we’ll know anything about this from the Western Carolina game – especially given WCU’s injury situation – but this may be something to watch down the road.


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Sean Glennon: just sayin’.

If you were to make a list of the college players least popular with their teammates, I suspect that Virginia Tech’s demoted starting quarterback Sean Glennon would at or near the top.

Skip past all the whining (and there’s a lot of it) to get to this:

… Glennon can only look at a drop-back passer such as Boston College’s Matt Ryan and wonder what might have happened if Glennon had equally good protection from his offensive line.

“A lot of people disagree, I know, but I think I’m pretty good,” Glennon said. “I really think under ideal circumstances, my arm can match up with any defense in the country.

“I don’t want to blame anything on anybody. That’s the last thing I want to do, is say I’m not playing because of the line.”

That’s class.

BTW, here’s Glennon’s stat line from his last start against LSU: 2 of 10 passing for 16 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT. That works out to a stellar QB rating of 13.44.

(h/t Log’s Blog)

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Sweat the small stuff.

It’s attention to details like this that makes the Ol’ Ball Coach the master of the game that he is:

When South Carolina quarterback Blake Mitchell had a ball slip out of his hand on a third-down play in Saturday’s 16-12 victory over Georgia, Carolina coach Steve Spurrier wasn’t mad, because he knew it wasn’t Mitchell’s fault. It seems that center Web Brown’s posterior gets rather wet during a game. “We change his pants two or three times a game, because Web sweats a lot,” Spurrier said. “A lot of teams do that. That’s what you do, if his butt’s soaking wet, he’s going to give him a wet ball. So we have to do that two to three times a game.”

You know Blake Mitchell can sympathize with his center’s plight.

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