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Chip Towers’ blog always makes sense.

Heading: “‘Bama’s focused on UGA”

Topics addressed in blog post:

  1. The Alabama program is still “very much abuzz” about the win over Arkansas.
  2. There is talk about ‘Bama running the table – which Saban tries to deflect.
  3. There is excitement about ESPN Gameday coming to Tuscaloosa this Saturday. Saban would rather talk about Georgia.
  4. There is talk about Alabama being ranked this week – which Saban tries to deflect.

There’s a certain sense of disconnect I’m catching here. Or ‘Bama has a funny way of demonstrating “focus”. Or Chip changed his mind and forgot to edit his header. Or something


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Go figure.

Andre Woodson is named the SEC Offensive Player of the Week.

Tebow doesn’t even rate also-ran status (although he helped Eric Berry accomplish that).

BTW, kudos to Jeff Owens, who’s named the SEC Defensive Player Lineman of the Week.


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I come to factoid Tennessee, not to praise it.

There’s trouble in River City:

… Face the facts, folks. In the past 27 games, counting the Outback Bowl loss to Penn State, UT is 15-12. Nothing screams irrelevancy in college football quite like a .556 winning percentage.

(h/t Voluminous)

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Envy and jealousy: Tommy Bowden punked edition

I know it’s not a blogger’s post, but there’s so much to love about this short article about Tommy Bowden’s lack of class after the titanic struggle with Furman (starting, of course, with the aforementioned classlessness), that I had to give it the ol’ Envy and Jealousy tip of the cap.

Bowden’s jerkiness in taking a crack at Carr (who won, by the way, Tommy) is deeply obnoxious. It’s bad enough that I hope Lloyd Carr gets a chance to fire a cheap shot of his own when all is said and done.

But even if he does, it’s unlikely he can top the opener of this piece:

Guess all those Peach Bowl appearances have gone to Clemson coach Tommy Bowden’s head.

There’s no author credited, which is a shame, but whoever you are out there at the Detroit Free Press, damn, that was a good one. I bet even Spurrier wishes he’d said it.


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Be careful what you wish for…

Mark Richt, speaking to the ABH on Saturday:

Georgia’s attention turned to this week’s game with Alabama almost as soon as the final whistle sounded against Western Carolina. Mark Richt got exactly what he wanted out of the Alabama’s game with Arkansas later on Saturday night. Alabama blew a big lead and had to rally in the final minute to win 41-38.

“I hope it’s a game where Alabama has to spend as much energy as they have,” Richt said. “I don’t know if win or lose matters if they can spend themselves mentally and physically.”

Mark Richt on Alabama, the morning after:

“Momentum,” Richt said. “That’s the word. They’ve got it right now. They’ve got a lot of momentum. It’s hard to get it started sometimes, but once you get it started it’s also very difficult to slow down. That’s going to be our challenge.”


UPDATE:  Momentum can sometimes be a confusing beast.

Moments after Alabama slipped past 16th-ranked Arkansas 41-38 Saturday night at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Crimson Tide defensive end Wallace Gilberry tried to put it all in perspective.

It wasn’t easy.

“I’m speechless,” Gilberry said. “To stop the No. 1 Heisman candidate, well, not really stop him, but to beat him — he probably went for two or three hundred yards tonight — but to take a win from him was awesome. It was definitely one of the biggest wins I’ve been a part of. At the same time, I’m still grasping for words.”

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The emu could never be confused with a phoenix.

Today’s factoid comes courtesy of ESPN.com.

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Irish QB Jimmy Clausen has been sacked 15 times in his young career.

If you’d like, you can see a few of his greatest hits on YouTube (with appropriate musical accompaniment):

(h/t mgoblog)

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