Tommy Bowden is a big fan of Southern Conference football.

Or at least the Appalachian State-Furman rivalry.

And if you’re a midwesterner, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Detroit Free Press Writer, you can’t understand that. And if you can’t understand that, you can’t understand Tommy Bowden.

“I was shocked,” Bowden said. “Appalachian State and Furman are rivals, so it would be very natural for me to make a comparison. I guess people in that part of the country are not familiar with the Appalachian State-Furman rivalry and how close it’s been.”

By the way, last year ASU beat Furman 40-7. But I’m sure the game was much closer than the score indicated.


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3 responses to “Tommy Bowden is a big fan of Southern Conference football.

  1. Penguin

    That makes a little more sense… to me anyway.

    I just didn’t know what Coach Bowden would hold against Coach Carr. I thought he might just have been kidding. Who know’s.

    So many times something you say has its meaning changed when you put it to paper.



  2. Penguin

    Like proper punctuation and spelling [know’s]… Gads!


  3. Ally

    Tammy is a moron and I don’t believe for a second that’s what he meant. He wasn’t around when the App State / Furman rivalry was close.
    My ex went to Furman (and I live in Greenville). I used to go to the App State game every year with his family and have always kept up with Furman football. Throughout part of the 90’s it was a closer rivalry. Not during these Bobby Lamb years though. Moreso during the Bobby Johnson years if I remember correctly.