142 Z takeoff and a 26-23 landing

(photo courtesy Trevor Frey / Athens Banner-Herald Staff)


“That’s Georgia, we never give up, we will never give up.” Ray Gant said that tearfully after his last game as a Bulldog, but the sentiment remains true. Say what you will about Georgia under Mark Richt – the Dawgs may not win ’em all and even when they do win they may not be pretty in doing so – but one thing’s for sure. They don’t quit.

And there were several opportunities to do so last night. Georgia managed to overcome losing the turnover battle, Tripp Chandler’s hands, blowing not one but two ten point leads and Coutu missing what for him was a money shot to win the game in regulation to pull out a game against a coach already being anointed as the best in the conference three games into his ‘Bama career in front of an energized crowd.

I’ll save the detailed analysis for later. On a bigger scale, while I’m sure many will compare this game to the last one Georgia played in Tuscaloosa, I’m reminded more of what happened in Knoxville in 2001. Stafford has his signature win. It may not be his best game from a statistical standpoint, but in terms of proving to himself and his teammates that he has what it takes to be a winner in the SEC, it’s his most important one.

And the coaching staff once again proves its relevancy – to a young team still trying to find its way, to the media, to the conference and maybe even a little to its own fan base. I know it’s standard in the coaching profession not to celebrate the last win too long, but I hope these guys will savor what they did last night a little while. They deserve it.

Especially Stacy Searels.  For the offensive line in that loud, hostile setting to hold up against a defense that was throwing every look known to man at it is remarkable. Georgia had 377 yards of offense and buried Alabama in time of possession. The guy can coach a little.



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2 responses to “142 Z takeoff and a 26-23 landing

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    Wow….what a win. Those games are really hard to watch but snatching victory from the jaws of defeat make it worth it. It is really amazing that UGA is doing this with freshman and redshirt freshman all over that OL. It at times is not very pretty but the fact that they are competing and giving this team an opportunity to win is unbelievable. SS is definately earning his money.

    I will say that as much grief as CMR gets at times, some deservedly so, he does an unbelieveable job at preparing his team for road games and his record speaks for itself. UGA is accumalating a nice little collection of signature wins with CMR leading the Dawgs. Maybe UGA should just do a home & away schedule with the Gators.

    Anyway 142Z takeoff will always have a special place in my heart.


  2. Walker my Dog

    What a game, great call by Howard.

    Florida needs to play every other year in a “hostile” environment!

    Hat’s off to Mr. Searls and the O-line!

    Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!