Reason #23456286 why ESPN is beyond pathetic.

Can someone explain to me exactly what goes on in Mike Patrick’s head at moments like this?

Ron Franklin, come home. All is forgiven.


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10 responses to “Reason #23456286 why ESPN is beyond pathetic.

  1. Brian

    I guess ESPN would never reprimand him for that? I think Blacklege’s incredulous response made him feel like the d-bag he is.


  2. Ally

    No, I can’t explain what Mike was thinking – it was bizarre and came out of nowhere. But, I confess I laughed my a$$ off at Todd Blackledge’s response. The whole thing was hysterical! Thanks for posting it – laughed again.


  3. Tenn_Dawg

    I would have loved to haven seen Todd’s face during that exchange. Britney who? Is she here? Is she a fan of college football? STFU then!!!


  4. The whole Brittany thing was ridiculous, yes.

    But how can anyone who is doing what he does – not get canned for calling Chris Durham, Chris Duncan??

    And how many times did the dude say “John Parker Wilson”?? Is he incapable of saying “Wilson”??


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Probably the same reason someone who goes by ‘Bulldawgy’ calls Kris Durham, “Chris”.


  6. Thanks, Boot. The problem with your analogy is that I don’t get paid to get names right.



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  8. boots

    Hillarious. I was listening to Howard make the call and missed this, so thanks for posting. It is really ironic since I know most of us were thinking the same thing at that time… Britney… what is she up to at this moment. What a strange cosmic moment.

    Anyone know where one can download the .mp3 of Howard’s call? Would love to add it to the collection.


  9. Only reason (and a reach) is that UGA ‘s kicker had a shaved head and for some reason Patrick got Brit in his thought pattern.