It can’t happen here.

From the more, the merrier department:  Division 1-AA looks to expand its football playoff to 18 teams.  Why in the world does the NCAA think there’s a need for that many schools to participate in that tourney?

Please – keep reassuring me I don’t need to worry about mission creep, playoff proponents.


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  1. scdawg

    Went back and read your previous link. The creep is big, but I think the bigger problem is the “corporate-ization” of college FB with a playoff. I live in SC, and every year I go to the UGA-USC game (home or away), GA-FL, and usually one or two other games–along with the SEC Champ. game if we go. Going to games is costly, especially road games.

    Let’s say GA wins the SEC. I travel to Atl. for that game. Then we go where? A bowl game, then another bowl game, then MNC? Or the higher rank goes to opponent’s stadium? Would I have to travel to Southern Cal, then Michigan, then the MNC if we were ranked 8th and won? How does your average fan afford that? I’d be tapped out after the first playoff game. Guess who goes to the MNC? Corp. sponsors who get free tickets, who aren’t fans of either team, like the Super Bowl. A playoff does not include the average fan, it shuts us out.


  2. Let’s face it – there’s only one compelling reason to extend playoffs, and it ain’t to support the average fan.

    It’s all about the bucks.


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