Mission creep, 1-AA style

A couple of days ago, I linked to a story in USA Today about how the NCAA was looking to expand the playoffs for 1-AA football to 18 games.

Well, according to the same paper, it looks like the NCAA is just getting started.

The championship and competition cabinet last week forwarded a proposal to the NCAA’s board of directors to enlarge the current 16-team field to 18 beginning in 2008. Cabinet chair Carolyn Femovich says that is the first step toward a field of 24 in the near future.

“I think that’s the ideal number we’re shooting for,” says Femovich, executive director of the I-AA Patriot League. “The cabinet heard loud and clear that future expansion could be both warranted and necessary to provide access to all of our qualified conferences and members.”

In case you’re wondering, that’s 24 schools out of 120 total in Division 1-AA.  For now, of course…


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7 responses to “Mission creep, 1-AA style

  1. kckd

    They are expanding a 16 team playoff. Not really a big deal. I suppose your thinking on this one is that this is what will happen in the bowl division if they go to a playoff. I don’t really see that as a possibility if the NCAA is kept out of it.

    But let me pose this one to you. Do you see what I’m seeing this year? We’ve got a long way to go, but let’s just say LSU and UF are as good as the pollsters think they are. USC (despite the media wanting to say the Pac 10 is as good as the sec or better) will not have to play a team thought to be as good as they are. OU also is in that same kind of situation. Meanwhile UF and LSU may play each other twice. What if they split and OU and SC go to the NC game simply because they didn’t have to face anyone as good in the regular season?

    Man this system is great ain’t it?


  2. Man this system is great ain’t it?

    Especially when you get worked up over hypothetical situations in the fifth week of the season…


  3. kckd

    LOL, I knew you were gonna say that. But the facts are, those hypotheticals keep happening over and over again.

    1994- two teams undefeated

    1997- two teams undefeated

    2001 -controversial selection as Nebraska plays without even making their conference championship game

    2003-No. 1 ranked team not even in the game

    2004- two teams undefeated


  4. I don’t really see that as a possibility if the NCAA is kept out of it.

    Ah, I see – it’s only your hypotheticals that are relevant.


  5. kckd

    I’m the only one doing hypotheticals I see. Twenty years ago the Rose Bowl, Pac 10 and Big 10 would never let their game go to try and get a no. vs. no. 2 matchup remember?

    Just wasn’t gonna happen.


    You constantly say a four team won’t happen because of the same reasoning.

    You use the same rules here senator. I only give you the best proposal. And if the NCAA is so awful powerful wouldn’t they have already taken over this ship long ago.

    It can be done right and Slive and others have already hinted it’s moving in this direction.

    I’m sorry.


  6. I don’t say a four team playoff won’t happen. I expect it will eventually because I don’t believe the “plus-one” will wind up satisfying the people calling the shots.

    Where you and I differ is that you think they’ll hold the line at four schools. I think you’re incredibly naive to think things will end there. As a commenter noted over at CFR, there’s never been a situation in the history of American sports where once a playoff structure was put in place, it wasn’t expanded.

    I have no reason to believe D-1 football will be any different. And I do believe that the ultimate composition of its postseason format will be harmful to what I value about the sport right now.

    That’s what you should be sorry about.


  7. kckd

    Well I’ll have to give football credit (though I’m not sure that’s the proper term). If they’ve held out 120 years on the playoff, I doubt they’ll be jumping to modify anything if it doesn’t do something to muck up the system. In otherwords, as long as there aren’t five bonafide unbeatens we’ll probably be safe.

    They can do the four team playoff which Slive calls “the plus one” (it seems to me that you and Slive must not see this “plus one” as meaning the same thing. Maybe he doesn’t want to call it a playoff).

    Also, Div 1AA is hurting for money. Div. 1a is not. And again, I’m not so sure that most teams want the NCAA involved. And if you go to anything higher than 8 teams you’d have to reduce the regular season schedule. That’s not gonna be popular.