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Dude, do you know where those hands have been?

As you watch this clip

keep in mind:

  • this is going on during the game
  • the player’s been an active participant in the game, with four catches for Boise State
  • Porta-Potties don’t have sinks

I’m not sure what amazes me the most about it all – that this guy is trying to get an autograph from someone who’s making a beeline from the bathroom back to the game he’s playing in, that it’s so easy for the players and fans to have access to the facilities during the game or that someone actually decided to film people going to the bathroom.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE:  I guess Jim Harbaugh would have something to say about it.


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Michael Adams channels Miss Manners.

Let’s see – Michael Adams gets doused with beer in Tuscaloosa by ‘Bama fans… and, as a result, is “increasingly ready to go” to a policy of revoking the ticket privileges of misbehaving fans. In Athens.

And, Dawg fans, you’d better be on your best behavior this Saturday. Or else.

… UGA’s president further used Wednesday’s media session to issue something of an ultimatum to fans heading to Athens for Saturday afternoon’s home football game with the University of Mississippi.

“I want Ole Miss to be treated this weekend better than we were treated at Alabama. … Ole Miss should be treated as guests,” Adams said.

Of course, if that’s the imperial “we” he’s using, that may not be a very high bar he’s setting for Georgia folks.

It’s probably for the best that Adams watches the games from a box in Sanford. There’s no telling what kind of proclamation he’d issue if he sat in the stands behind some fans that wanted to cheer on their feet most of the time.


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Jeff Owens – he’s real and he’s…

My favorite Dawg last year was Ray Gant. One reason for that was because he was always good for a quote.

It looks like Jeff Owens is bucking to step into Gant’s shoes. Maybe it’s becoming a defensive tackle tradition at UGA. Anyway, I got a kick out of this excerpt from an interview he did that was published in this week’s Bulldawg Illustrated:

Give me one word or phrase to describe yourself on the field.

I do not want to sound conceited.

Please do.


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