Michael Adams channels Miss Manners.

Let’s see – Michael Adams gets doused with beer in Tuscaloosa by ‘Bama fans… and, as a result, is “increasingly ready to go” to a policy of revoking the ticket privileges of misbehaving fans. In Athens.

And, Dawg fans, you’d better be on your best behavior this Saturday. Or else.

… UGA’s president further used Wednesday’s media session to issue something of an ultimatum to fans heading to Athens for Saturday afternoon’s home football game with the University of Mississippi.

“I want Ole Miss to be treated this weekend better than we were treated at Alabama. … Ole Miss should be treated as guests,” Adams said.

Of course, if that’s the imperial “we” he’s using, that may not be a very high bar he’s setting for Georgia folks.

It’s probably for the best that Adams watches the games from a box in Sanford. There’s no telling what kind of proclamation he’d issue if he sat in the stands behind some fans that wanted to cheer on their feet most of the time.


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5 responses to “Michael Adams channels Miss Manners.

  1. Penguin

    Do you guys have much problems with fan misbehavior? Everything I have heard about Georgia fans is that they are intense but very polite.

    I read where the Georgia players were doused with drink cups and hot dogs after letting the air out of the Bama faithful last saturday. But judging by their reaction they were proud to have made them so mad and the objects weren’t of the dangerous type. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of throwing things, but there was that one incident involving Warren Sapp and an orange… not sure if the statute of limitations has expired. I was young. he was being a pain.



  2. scdawg

    Everybody knows Bama fans throw drinks all the time during the games. When they score, when the fail to score, when they’re scored against, when ball falls off the tee because of wind. I want to know how they manage to sneak so much booze in the game.

    Most of things they threw at the “Dawg-pile” looked like empty cups by the time they got to the field. If all they threw at our players were empty cups, who cares. Bama fans hit each other with empty cups throughout the game. If they’re throwing batteries, well that’s another thing.


  3. I wonder what Adams’ reaction would be if Georgia fans were “misbehaving” after watching the Dawgs clinch a trip to the SECCG this season by beating Auburn in Sanford on a last second score.

    What’s obnoxious about this isn’t Adams expressing disapproval of some fans’ boorish behavior, it’s his making it personal to himself. He gets a beer thrown at him, so it’s time to start yanking ticket privileges. “He wants” Georgia fans to behave kindly to their Mississippi guests.

    He comes off sounding like a pompous twit. Wait a minute – he is a pompous twit.


  4. Ally

    Is he SURE those were really Bama fans dousing him with beer?
    With as much as he’s disliked, it wouldn’t surprise me if his reception would be just as chilly in Sanford as it was in BDS.
    Too bad those Bama folks most likely didn’t have a clue to whom they were hurling their Bud.