Even when you think you know, you never really know.

First, it was “the spread offense will never work in the SEC”.

Next, it was “the spread offense looks unstoppable – Tebow for Heisman”.

Last night it was 312 yards of offense and 17 points.

Ole Miss provided the template to defending Meyer’s offense.  Last night we saw what happens when a team has the players on defense to implement the game plan successfully.  That being said, we should be careful to read too much into the results from last night.  How many SEC defenses combine great team speed with big tackles that can stand their ground and stop the run up the middle that’s the Tebow trademark?

Well, there is the one that the Gators will face this week in Baton Rouge.   A second loss for the Gators would certainly make the SEC East race interesting.  The key after that will be if there’s any other team in the conference that can pin that third loss on Florida.

One thing I’m curious about this morning – do you think the fans in Gainesville or Tuscaloosa are more bummed out from yesterday’s results?  I’m guessing the latter.



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2 responses to “Even when you think you know, you never really know.

  1. kckd

    It’s surprised me how good it’s been against our bad defensive teams, but it certainly hasn’t looked that impressive against a good defense.

    UF is a one note guitar. If you can contain Tebow you can beat them. They have playmakers, but Urban doesn’t know how to use them.


  2. He’s done a pretty good job utilizing Harvin, hasn’t he?

    Part of what worked so well for Auburn Saturday night was that the Tigers limited Florida’s time on offense. Sunday Morning Quarterback has a good post on that here.