On you, it looks good.

Evidently the good folks at the University of Minnesota weren’t willing to concede the ugliest college football uniform of 2007 award to Syracuse.

Feel free to compare and contrast the contender…



… with the current leader.

Damn, I think my screen just melted.


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18 responses to “On you, it looks good.

  1. The uniforms aren’t the only things they have in common. Both are putrid football teams.

  2. I don’t know much about football, but I can definitely say that the orange uniform is hideous!!

  3. dailydiatribes

    WAR EAGLE!!! Ok, so orange doesn’t look great on everybody, but it sure looks good when you’re chompin’ a gator!!!
    If I have to pick, I think Minnesota’s yellow/maroon combo is more heinous than the Syracuse orange.

  4. Gah. When was “vomit-colored” the new style for college football? Blegh.

  5. lstanford82

    I am sorry the orange is just so wrong. I mean yellow at least has the maroon on it. I go with Syracuse. Orange it just bad. At least it is not that much burnt orange. Ugh

  6. buzzdroid

    These are still stunningly beautiful compared to the NFL throwback uniforms of the (insert any NFL team name here).

  7. Between yellow and orange? Orange sucks.
    If they are Hemi-izing their colors, then I can’t wait to see the purple and the green…

  8. lilred

    Oregon State’s are much worse.

  9. They are both hideous. They look like my son’s pajamas.

  10. radhareddy

    I am sorry the orange is just so wrong. I mean yellow at least has the maroon on it. I go with Syracuse. Orange it just bad. At least it is not that much burnt orange. Ugh

  11. plaidypuss

    both the orange and gopher unis are hideous, but they are only shocking because ‘cuse and Minnesota don’t change their unis every year like they do in the state of Oregon. It’s like a competition over at Nike to see who can design the most hideous uni for an in-state school (you might want to just look back the last 5-10 years). Seriously, Oregon State tried really hard this year to look fuglier than Oregon, but you can’t get much uglier than Black jerseys with white steel-plating designs on the shoulders and knee caps…except maybe the green with white steel-plating, or the black with “Oregon” in all different font sizes.

  12. FPB

    the sad thing is that the sport of rugby which the rest of the world plays is starting to follow suit with the most outrageous kit designs for national teams currently taking part in the Rugby World Cup. Once upon a time England played in white, France in blue, ireland in green etc. now the kits do resemble the worst examples from American football. for more thoughts check out my blog and discover you aren’t alone in your despair

  13. Don’t you remember a few years ago with Arizona State, whose colors are gold and maroon, went all gold. Hurt my eyes and made my stomach churn. I thought they were much uglier than Minnesota’s all yellow, as bad as that is. However, there is no excuse for that all orange trimmed in blue that Syracuse is wearing. Ug-ug-ug-ly.

  14. Syracuse’s unis are much worse. I actually like the Minnesota jersey!

  15. Both uniforms are definitely eye soars, but I hate to bash them because my school’s uniforms just plain suck. I go to Virginia Tech and we have the blandest uniforms on the planet.

  16. Yeah, Syracuse gets my vote. That orange is too much! With that said, why not revel in its ugliness so that they can clinch the title for years to come? Syracuse uniform designers (if there is actually such a position), here’s a tacky design tip: connect the blue stripes so that you have the right shoulder stripes connecting with the left hip stripes, while the stripes from the left shoulder will crisscross and connect to the right hip stripes. It will be really cool seeing little X’s running all over the field – even if they look like clowns wearing suspenders…

  17. the Philadelphia Eagles ‘throw back’ uniforms they wore a couple weeks ago definitely win easily over these two, the bright blue and yellow…