A first stab at getting a handle on UT ’07

Tennessee’s schedule and results to date:

Tennessee (2-2,0-1)


Sept. 1  at California.......... 31-45 L  
Sept. 8  SOUTHERN MISS.......... 39-19 W 
Sept. 15*at Florida............. 20-59 L  
Sept. 22 ARKANSAS STATE......... 48-27 W

Tennessee’s key statistical standings in the SEC to date:

  • Scoring offense:  5th, at 34.5 per game
  • Scoring defense:  12th, at 37.5 per game
  • Passing offense:  1st, at 285.8 yards per game
  • Passing defense:  11th, at 250.8 yards per game
  • Rushing offense:  11th, at 132.2 yards per game
  • Rushing defense:  9th, at 188.2 yards per game

Other than scoring offense, statistically Tennessee shapes up a lot like Ole Miss.  And before you jump to the conclusion that perhaps that’s a little unfair because the Vols played current #3 Cal, you might want to take a peek at some of Cal’s stats:  #70 nationally in total defense, #98 nationally in passing defense, #58 nationally in rushing offense.  (Also, don’t forget that Auburn held the same Florida team in the same venue to 240 less yards of offense than did Tennessee.)

Nope, the Vols have gotten their rankings the old fashioned way – they’ve earned them.

If you want to see a breakdown of the Vols’ good and bad so far this year, this score card in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal is as good a place to start as any.  I don’t think it’s any big secret what Tennessee has to do to get better.  The question is whether the Vols can do anything about it in time for Saturday’s game.



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2 responses to “A first stab at getting a handle on UT ’07

  1. Thanks for the stats. Gives me hope that the Dawgs might be able to exploit the week Vol D this weekend.

    I like your site, stumbled on it looking for Dawg blogs. Check mine out if you have some time. All the best.


  2. kckd


    I actually agree with you most times and don’t comment if there is nothing really to add if I do. I think you’re dead on about UT. I said this last week after their fourth game. There hasn’t been a game this year where their defense has looked remotely impressive. We’re taking a beating on their boards for our defense last week, but that’s the same game their defense has played every week or worse.

    Stranger things have happened, but I doubt there is any way for them to win besides a shootout. Hopefully, we can score with them if that’s the case and I think we’re far more prepared to do that this go round than last year.