This could be the year.

Who knows for those Gamecocks?

If Florida goes down to defeat in Baton Rouge tomorrow night and Georgia beats Tennessee, neither of which can be called unlikely right now, This morning, South Carolina finds itself the only a school left in the East along with Florida and Vandy (see comments) in control of its own destiny.

Last night, USC won despite being held to 86 yards rushing by a team ranked 11th in the conference in rushing defense coming in to the game. UK also gained more yards overall than did the ‘Cocks. The old adage it’s better to be lucky than good comes to mind, especially in the wake of that incredibly stupid lateral that Woodson threw (that’ll make the Heisman highlight reel) which Norwood returned for his second (!) TD of the night.

And it’s even better than that for Spurrier’s crew. They get the bounce in the polls from beating #8. LSU will go into Lexington next week and beat #19 (maybe). Then Florida will go into Lexington to play unranked Kentucky.

All the Dawgs can do is wear their blinders and focus on winning each week against SEC opposition. But I keep wondering how much that overthrown pass to a wide open Moreno and that illegal shift call against Moore on the fumbled punt are going to come back to haunt this team at season’s end.


Random snarky note: Did anyone catch Fowler’s comment that last night’s game was the first time that these two “so-called” second tier programs had faced each other with both being ranked teams? I think he could have skipped the political correctness part without difficulty.

I don’t know what their history was prior to 1992, but as members of the SEC East since then, UK and USC had faced off against each other fifteen straight seasons before last night. To go that many years without even, say, a meeting between #23 and #25 I’d argue is a pretty good indicator that these two teams haven’t exactly been in the hunt for glory too often.

In other words, “so-called”, my ass.


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5 responses to “This could be the year.

  1. LD

    Am I mistaken, or wouldn’t Florida still control its destiny in the SEC East if the events you list happen?

    With an LSU and Georgia win, USC would have 1 loss, Georgia would have 1 loss, Vandy at best would have 1 loss, Kentucky would have 1 loss, Florida would have 2 losses, Tennessee would have 2 losses.

    Were Florida to run the table after that (controlling its own destiny), they’d finish with 2 losses. BUT… were they to run the table, they’d have wins over USC, Georgia, Kentucky and Vandy, as well as the win in hand against UT. Nobody in the East could have fewer than 2 losses. Florida would have a head to head win over all of them.

    As far as I can tell, USC is the only one that “controls its own destiny” among themselves, UGA and Kentucky. Right now, Florida, Tennessee, USC and technically Vandy all control their own destiny.


  2. LD

    Take back one part… Tennessee doesn’t control it’s destiny right now. Florida needs another loss.

    If any of USC, Florida and Vanderbilt win out, they win the East no matter what else happens.

    UT, Kentucky and Georgia need help.


  3. LD, you are correct. Brain fart on my part – I even mentioned in an earlier post that UF-USC would be the game in the East that’s for all the marbles and that Georgia fans would have a hard part rooting for either.

    Early alzheimer’s, I guess. Damn. 😉


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    If we beat UT this weekend, the SCU loss is going to sting that much more. You’d have to think that after last Saturday, an undefeated UGA would be ranked no worse than 5th or 6th.

    Of course this is all ‘what if’, so it doesn’t really matter. Still fun (or depressing) to think about though.. sigh.


  5. At least I’m not the only one who can’t get his head wrapped around the math. Here’s what Dennis Dodd asserts today:

    Just to make sure we’re all straight on this: Florida and either Oklahoma or Texas could be out of their division races by Saturday night. We’re talking about the No. 4 (Texas), No. 6 (Florida) and No. 8 (Oklahoma) in AP’s preseason top 25.

    The good thing is that more people will see his screw up than will see mine. 😉