“I don’t understand this.”

If you haven’t heard the call (on the Versus Network, whatever that is) of the winning TD in the Stanford-USC game, it’s one helluva botched job.

Talk about clueless – first one announcer gets the team that scored wrong (he did have a 50/50 shot on that one) and then his sidekick mistakenly says that Harbaugh decided to go for the tie by kicking the extra point. One little missing detail: Stanford had already tied the game with the touchdown.

This is definitely Hall of Fame material:

At least he didn’t mention Britney.


UPDATE: By the way, it looks like USC QB John David Booty took the loss especially hard. No wonder so many want to play in LA.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE #2: Maybe Les Miles was right all along.



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2 responses to ““I don’t understand this.”

  1. Kicking the PAT in that situation took a set of brass balls. You gotta give it to Harbaugh.

    I love that the other commentator tries to bail out his flailing colleague with his, “You’ve got to.” Apparently referring to kicking the go-ahead PAT. Maybe the other option was to go for two to try and rub it in USC’s face.

    Amazing. Simply amazing.


  2. Think Versus wants a do-over on announcing assignments for this game? Gawd, what a miserable performance. The entire game was so bad you needed to put it on mute, but this was their crowning moment.

    Thanks for the link, btw.