Sonic sorbet

I thought a little musical palate cleanser might be just the thing to lighten the mood in the wake of all the gloomy football talk we’ve subjected ourselves to since Saturday.

This comes from The T.A.M.I. Show, a musical extravaganza (check out that list of performers – all that’s missing are the Beatles) filmed in 1964 for theatrical release.

What you’re about to see is James Brown, already at the height of his powers as a live performer (Michael Jackson, eat your heart out), complete with the robe shtick. It’s an absolutely awesome performance of “Please, Please, Please”, a tour de force in every sense:

Rumor has it that these guys were a little apprehensive about following the Godfather’s act, but as you can see, being the pros that they were, they sucked it up and went on to hold up their end of the deal just fine with this show closer:

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming now…

(h/t PowerPop)



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2 responses to “Sonic sorbet

  1. Matt

    Actually, if I remember the story correctly, the Rolling Stones demanded that they bring James Brown to the show. They loved him and wanted him to be better known. Also, rumor has it that it was the fact that the Rolling Stones had to follow James Brown that caused Mick to really let it all out for his performance, which led to the Rolling Stones live show that you can still see for a measly $600.


  2. Chris

    Great.. My parents say James Brown was the best performer.. I say Michael Jackson… LOL.. Doesn’t matter.. Both were great…