“Just because I’m a freshman…”

Today’s Dawg factoid comes courtesy of the Athens Banner-Herald, which notes:

Rennie Curran or Darius Dewberry will get the start at weakside linebacker.

If coaches pick Curran, the freshman will become the sixth different linebacker to start for the Bulldogs in the first seven games. [Emphasis added.]

Hmmm… makes you wonder if Richt meant something a little different from what we thought when he said over the summer that Brandon Miller would be the whole key to Georgia’s defense this season.


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7 responses to ““Just because I’m a freshman…”


    Brandon Miller will go down as the Jasper Sanks of defense. All this potential and hype, and has not done crap for the Dawgs in 4 years!


  2. ga dog

    amen usmdawg amen, miller to me is a fraud, hes big, strong and fast but i question his heart, he never has been a true junkyard dog on the field.


  3. dieharddawg

    As strange as it might seem, I think he has played on the wrong side of the ball. He has the physical prowess, but he lacks the “punishing/killer” nature required. Hindsight is 20/20, but that’s the way I see it.


  4. DirkDawggler

    ga dog…Calling Miller a fraud is a bit harsh. I don’t think he’s ever lied about his ability. If anything, the coaches are the ones who should be called out on this. They, like everyone else, just kept waiting for that light to come on. Apparantly, it never has because maybe there was never a “light” to begin with. It happens.


  5. ga dog

    here we go again, blame the coaches, coaches dont have many probs with ellerbe, dent, curran, they have the heart and desire, they just arent the biggest, fastest, strongest like miller and dewberry, my backers should eat nails for breakfast, not jersey tackle out there like miller


  6. Ray

    I look forward to seeing Curran get the start. All Millering aside, he is a likable kid, has a great attitude and is a tackling machine. It certainly won’t hurt to give him a shot to show what he’s got.