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The streak is over.


No truth to the rumor that Georgia will petition the NCAA to abolish the first half…


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He’th thtill got it.

From Wendell Barnhouse’s pop quiz in today’s Star-Telegram:

… ESPN analyst and former coach Lou Holtz has been delivering pep talks to teams during halftime segments of Thursday night telecasts. Holtz has delivered five pep talks this season, and four of the teams he “pepped” have lost.

This sounds more potent than the SI cover jinx.

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Real men of genius, indeed.

People have been talking about the Gundy rant being a natural for a Coors Light commercial, but if you have to wed college football to a beer commercial parody, for my money, this one wins hands down:

It’s just too bad they couldn’t fit a gratuitous Tom Lemming shot in there somewhere.

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