A flash in the pan, or something more?

I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up unduly, but despite the slow start by the defense on Saturday night, there were a few notes of interest in the defensive stats from the Vandy game:

  • The leading tackler was Geno Atkins, with eight.  That marks the first time this season that a defensive lineman has led Georgia in that category in a game.
  • The Dawgs had eight tackles for loss.  All but two came from defensive linemen.
  • Georgia finally got off the schneid with three sacks.  Two of the three were made by defensive linemen.

Like I said, don’t read too much into that.  It would be nice if it were the start of a trend, though.  Everything Georgia does on defense is keyed from a four man defensive line being able to get pressure and hold its own on the line of scrimmage.  For the Dawgs to have a shot in two weeks, the line is going to have to be a significant factor in the game.


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2 responses to “A flash in the pan, or something more?

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Geno was all over the place on Saturday. Maybe as important, he was showing some fire and getting the other guys pumped up. That’s been sorely lacking on that side of the ball for awhile and maybe he’s the sparkplug we need on the D.


  2. Good points and it should be noted that this was an extremely experienced and senior laden offensive line we faced. With sufficient effort and maintaining proper technique for 60 minutes against the ok, but not great, Florida offensive line we should play well enough on defense to have a chance. That means the offense will have to make a few critical plays on third down and avoid mistakes deep in our territory and the red zone. I am cautiously optimistic today. By next week, I might have figured out exactly how we are going to pummel the Gators.

    Go DAWGS!