Complain, and ye shall receive.

Who says Mark Richt never shows emotion?  Remember this?

… For football coach Mark Richt, the top priority has been an indoor facility. For several years, the coach has bemoaned the fact his program is one of only two in the SEC without such a facility (Florida is the other.) In August the normally reserved Richt let loose with his frustration over not having a facility after a practice was rained out.

“It’s just a royal pain to have to deal with this kind of stuff,” Richt said Aug. 24 “It would be nice to have a little indoor facility nearby where you wouldn’t have to spend your whole life trying to figure out a new plan. It’s very frustrating. It gets very old, and I’m about tired of it. Maybe one day we’ll get that done.

And maybe that day is near.

Georgia athletics director Damon Evans told the athletic association board Wednesday at its fall meeting that football facility upgrades are a serious possibility.

“We are in the exploratory stages,” Evans said. “Our goal is to do what is the most necessary for our football program to allow us to compete at the highest levels.”High atop that list of necessities are a new indoor facility, a new weight room, new training room and improvements to Sanford Stadium.

“We are out there studying it,” Evans said.

The goal is to prioritize the needs and then present that list to the athletic association board when it meets again in the winter. From there the board, along with Evans’ guidance, will attack those priorities and figure out how to make them into a reality.

Whatever works.  I wonder if Dink NeSmith thinks it’s that easy to have your wishes granted.


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4 responses to “Complain, and ye shall receive.

  1. Cerbera

    Or maybe so.

    In any case, his percentages of people agreeing or disagreeing with him are… interesting.


  2. Thanks for providing the link. NeSmith seems to be another guy who needs to learn the First Rule of Holes.


  3. stick jackson

    On the indoor facility, I don’t think we need one, given the weather in Athens (don’t live there now, but grew up in Athens and attended UGA, so I pretty much get (and reject) the “sometimes it’s really hot, sometimes it’s kinda cold, and sometimes it rains” point). Yeah, just like game day. It’s a building you *need* 5 days a year, when there are thunderstorms. And if you use it more than that, it (at least marginally) starts to make you soft because you have to play in bad conditions but rarely or never practice in them.

    Having said that, now that the basketball practice facility is done, IF MR is willing to settle for a “little” paractice facility, as opposed to a platinum-plated Dawg Mahal, I guess it wouldn’t kill me.