Does anybody wanna win this thing?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s your SEC East Division leading Georgia Bulldogs!

Here’s how the current standings look:

  • South Carolina    3-2    6-2
  • Florida                 3-2    5-2
  • Georgia                3-2    5-2
  • Kentucky             2-2    6-2
  • Tennessee           2-2    4-3
  • Vanderbilt           2-3    4-3

At the start of the day, South Carolina and Tennessee controlled their destinies.  By 4:00, Kentucky and Florida controlled their destinies.  Now Florida and South Carolina control their destinies.

USC has SEC games left at Tennessee, at Arkansas and Florida at home.  Florida’s remaining conference slate is Georgia, Vanderbilt at home and USC in Columbia.  As wacky as this season has been, it’s probably not worth trying to handicap their schedules.

And Georgia?  Even if the Dawgs win out, they’ll have to have some help.  Tennessee and South Carolina will both need to lose SEC games for Georgia to make it back to the SECCG with two conference losses.


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One response to “Does anybody wanna win this thing?

  1. SonuvaDawg

    Us winning out is the hard part. Three tough ones left, UF KY and AU, definately gonna be tough!

    I think both SC and UT will both drop another one before it’s said and done.

    I think we can do it, but we’ll have to play alot better than we’ve done so far!