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Maybe he just slipped.

This is pretty much the cheap shot of the year, at least in the SEC:

Looks premeditated, doesn’t it? If that’s the case, somebody should be suspended.


UPDATE: Tuberville says there was no malice aforethought in the block.


UPDATE #2: Evidently, “we don’t coach dirty play” is the defense du jour.



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Penny for your thoughts

Wouldn’t you love to know what Tuberville is thinking at that moment?   (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


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SEC Saturday: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

Steve McCroskey doesn’t have a clue about the SEC East, brother. Nobody does.

Look at what happened yesterday:

  • Vanderbilt 17 – South Carolina 6. Hey, that last second win in Nashville doesn’t look so weak this morning, does it, Dawg fans? And don’t forget to say thank you to the Evil Genius & Co. for amending the answer to the trivia category Most Embarrassing Home Loss to Vanderbilt in such a short period of time. Three picks and a 1.2 average yards per rushing attempt will lead to things like not scoring a TD. Yet, as ugly as this loss was, the ‘Cocks remain one of the two teams in the East that control their destiny. Vandy still has a tough road to make it to a bowl – assuming it beats Miami of Ohio this week, the Commodores still have to find a win against Florida, Kentucky or Tennessee in the conference, or Wake Forest in its final, to get their sixth. The good thing from Georgia’s standpoint is that if Vandy does become bowl eligible, it’s likely to benefit Georgia’s chances in the East.
  • Alabama 41 – Tennessee 17. I know it’s a good thing for Georgia that UT lost this one. But I kept getting angrier and angrier watching it. How does Georgia get blown out by a team that lost to Florida and Alabama by a combined score of 100-37? Richt ought to lock Bobo and Martinez in a room with the game film of this one. The Vols don’t control their destiny right now, but would be right back in it if Georgia upset Florida in J’ville on Saturday. Although you also have to think that this isn’t shaping up as a typical November for Tennessee.
  • Florida 45 – Kentucky 37. I thought this game was decided in the second quarter. Kentucky was moving the ball but Woodson wasn’t quite sharp enough on some of the big passes he threw to get results. The ‘Cats kept the Gator offense off the field, but didn’t accomplish much else. Tebow, given the chance with that long return at the end of the quarter (and don’t you know that Brooks wishes he could have a mulligan on the decision to kick it deep then) was much more efficient with his opportunity and UK could never quite overcome the margin from then out. Kentucky is now another team rooting for Georgia this Saturday. If Florida wins out against Georgia, Vandy and South Carolina, it’s going back to Atlanta.

Given the way this season has developed, there are no sure bets going forward. In fact, I’ll let Rich Brooks have the final word:

“I just think this league, it’s a mess right now,” Kentucky coach Rich Brooks said. “It’s competitive, and week to week, you’d better be ready to play or somebody’s going to jump up and spoil it.”

Amen, dude.


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