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Tim Tebow: all that and more.

Dawgbone is an invaluable resource for checking up on all things Dawgly.

Make sure you pay a visit there to check out the Tim Tebow tribute currently under way.  You will laugh.

Here’s a taste:

And on the seventh day… yada, yada, yada. 



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Boys just wanna have fun.

Courtesy of EDSBS, Moreno and Stafford par-tay:

According to one of the commenters in the EDSBS thread, those girls are from Ole Miss… and what is with that hat, anyway?

Stafford looks focused.

That’s what happens when you mix Jim Beam and pineapple juice.

At least there’s no spooning going on here. But I can’t wait to see what Chip Towers has to post about it.


UPDATE: Ally grasps the real point of this over at The Road to Copacetic.


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All roads lead from Auburn.

Honestly, how does Paul Finebaum keep up with himself?

Here’s what he said about Tuberville after Auburn’s loss to MSU:

So flipping the coin for a moment, how many Auburn fans right now believe paying off Tuberville wouldn’t be such a bad idea to turn this quick fade around?

Let’s face the facts. Auburn has one game that matters in the remaining nine regular-season contests — Nov. 24 at home against Alabama. A win against Alabama and some of the sewage spillage can be cleaned up. A loss and all the typical Tubervillian excuses will go on deaf ears. Excuses work in the first year or two. Not in a head coach’s ninth season.

Oh, a big win on the road against Florida or LSU would go a long way toward changing the direction of the program. However, the chance of either happening is about the same as Saban being hired back next year by the Miami Dolphins.

Then, after the ship was seemingly righted with the Florida win, Finebaum abruptly changes course:

So, would Tuberville take the money and run? Are you kidding me?

Finebaum’s all over the place with Alabama’s program, too. Faster than a drunk frat boy can toss an empty liquor bottle on the field after a tough loss, the ‘Bama-Tennessee game goes from ho-hum (The Tennessee-Alabama game has become an afterthought. It’s passé.”) to a death knell for Tuberville:

But Saturday in Tuscaloosa was a preview of the future. The 41-17 victory over Tennessee showed that Alabama can no (sic) do more with less. It showed that on any given Saturday, Saban can find a way. Alabama hasn’t had this luxury in a very long time.

And Tuberville hasn’t had a foe across the state to deal with like this, either.

So if Tubs is having trouble making his decision, I suggest he pop in a DVD and watch the scene in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, as Alabama football inched closer to being relevant again. Watch the crowd cheer at the end of the game. Watch the crowd stay in their seats. Listen to the noise they made.

If you’re Tommy Tuberville, you had better beware: The cacophony is only going to get louder.

It’s pretty obvious that Saban walks on water. What I can’t figure out is whether Finebaum has it in for Tuberville or the Auburn fan base. Or both…


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The fine line between whining and gamesmanship

Gee whiz, guys, I know Tim Tebow’s shoulder is banged up and all, but do you really need to resort to this “cheap shot” crapola? Of all the sins we can lay at the feet of Georgia’s defense, dirty play ain’t really one of ’em.

I don’t remember anyone complaining that Verdun-Wheeler’s hit on Tebow in last year’s game was a cheap shot. It was effective, though.

Besides, your guy carries the ball around 18 times a game. It’s not like anyone has to go looking for him to make a hit. The law of averages would seem to indicate that he’s gonna get popped now and then, dirty play or otherwise.

I suspect that there will be a few whispers along the same line in the ears of the refs on Saturday, too. Hey, if that pays off with a questionable penalty or two, all’s fair in love and war. And anyway, we all know that SEC officials are too competent to be influenced by those sorts of petty complaints, right?

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape… [photo courtesy of Getty Images]


UPDATE: From Chip Towers’ blog today comes this quote from Marcus Washington, who’s been banged up himself lately:

Speaking of Washington, he had the quote of the day in my opinion. Speaking of Tebow, he said, “He has a dinged up shoulder. We’ll try to ding it up for him a little more.”


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WLOCP (partial) tale of the tape

I thought I’d take a look at where Georgia and Florida stand out either positively or negatively in the national statistical rankings. Both schools post identical records: 5-2 overall, 3-2 in the SEC, 3-1 at home and 2-1 on the road. But statistically speaking, they’ve certainly taken different paths to get there.

The Gators rank in the top ten nationally in four categories: scoring offense (9th), kickoff returns (9th), passing efficiency (1st) and sacks allowed (2nd). Florida’s worst ranking comes in pass defense, where it’s rated 95th in the country. The Gators are ranked in the top 50 teams nationally in every other statistical category the NCAA tracks except two, defensive passing efficiency and tackles for losses.

As for Georgia, the statistical story is a little more mundane. Georgia’s best national ranking is in net punting, where the Dawgs are the 11th best team in the nation. At the other end of the spectrum, Georgia ranks 87th among all schools in kickoff returns. Georgia ranks outside the top 50 nationally in five other statistical categories: passing offense, total offense, scoring offense, defensive passing efficiency and sacks.

If you want to draw any generic conclusions from the data, here’s what I think you’d see:

  • Both teams should be able to throw the ball with some success.
  • Georgia will have a difficult time sacking Tebow.
  • Florida may have an edge in field position due to its strength (and Georgia’s weakness) in kickoff returns.


UPDATE: There probably won’t be a whole lot of turnovers in this game, either. Here’s something David Ching caught:

… Did you know that Georgia is second-to-last in the country in turnovers created? I didn’t know that until Thomas Flowers told me this evening. Georgia (6) is 118 out of 119 teams, ahead of only Marshall (3). Incidentally, Florida is tied for 111th (8). On the other end of the spectrum, Georgia leads the nation with only five giveaways. Florida is tied for second with seven. Those are truly crazy statistics…

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