Danny Wuerffel is outraged.

That was the first time I’d ever seen a kickoff from the seven and a half yard line.  It was worth it.


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12 responses to “Danny Wuerffel is outraged.

  1. My favorite part about that clip? Tebow with the headset on wondering what in the heck is happening.

  2. Tactical brilliance.

    Overall, one of the best games I have ever watched.

  3. Ally

    Didn’t Danny play for the same coach that ran up the score at Sanford to make history, way after he’d handily won the game??? As a matter of fact, I think he was the qb in that game leading the charge.
    Wanna talk about class and sportsmanship, Danny? Seriously?

  4. As a Clemson fan I hate Georgia but I was cracking up when I saw that happen. Points for being unique!

  5. So which model are you, Clemson fan? Oh, and beat Spurrier!

  6. donzell

    If being classless allows us to beat Florida every year, let’s us become uncouth and barbarians right now.

  7. abelvarnadore

    Ally, didn’t Danny win an academic- all American award, several citizen awards and thank god after every touchdown. Isn’t he the one who is now working as a community leader at desire street ministries helping under-privileged kids find a better life in New Orleans? If you want to blame Spurrier for being un-classy and running up the score, than fine he does and still will, but Danny is one of the classiest players to ever play college football and to compare him to a former FSU assistant in Mark Richt who planned a celebration to humiliate the gators is ridiculous.

  8. I don’t think T.O. will ever beat that celebration.

  9. Easily one of the best first halves of football I have ever seen live.

  10. I agree. What’s kind of getting lost in the shuffle is how entertaining the game was, even if you weren’t a fan of either team.

    BTW, I’ve enjoyed reading your dispatches from the front, so to speak. I hope you’ve got something coming on the WLOCP.

  11. It’s horribly, horribly delayed, as is everything else. I’m still not to Georgia-Alabama. Unhappy face.