My last post on class

It’s hardly a point worth mentioning, but I’ll mention it anyway. Class, or the lack thereof, manifests itself in many ways.

You tell me how this looks:

After Florida wins, usually between seven and 10 players are made available to the media, whether at home, on the road or at a neutral site.

After Saturday’s game only three Gators (quarterback Tim Tebow, linebacker Brandon Spikes and safety Tony Joiner) were brought into the interview room with Joiner and Spikes staying less than five minutes combined. The excuse given was the players needed to catch the team bus.

Last year after Florida’s victory against Georgia, numerous players — starters and backups — stuck around for interviews for close to an hour. The bus waited.

Despite having a much longer trip home, Georgia players and coach Mark Richt were still speaking to reporters more than 90 minutes after the contest had ended.



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5 responses to “My last post on class

  1. Chase Street Package

    Class? Oh, do you mean something like when the other team’s QB takes a knee trying to get a neutral zone violation, one of your players comes across and delivers a helmet-to-helmet lick on the QB while he is still on his knees? That kind of class? I get so confused……..


  2. I’m glad Stafford didn’t get hurt on that play. That was one of several less than stellar moments for the crack SEC officiating crew.


  3. rick

    This may not be the proper post for this but all this talk about how CMR deliberately broke the rules is a bit besides the point. He took a calculated risk that the 15 yard penalty he expected was worth the emotional energy that the Dawgs would gain. Pretty good risk, and it paid off. Didn’t Florida take a same calculated risk a while later when they took a deliberate delay of game penalty to back them up five yards in order to have better field position for a punt (that was subsequently downed on the one and paid off in a pick six). They “deliberately” broke the rules. That whole point is nonsense to me; it happens every game.


  4. LrgK9

    I worked for Charlie Williams at Chase Street Package in the 70’s


  5. uh, isn’t there global warming or something?

    back to the important stuff… i agree with rick and forgive me if i’ve posted here on this before but i can’t remember… been on lots of the dawg blogs… yes, a calculated risk. that’s what it was.

    it was exciting, it showed that the game can still be fun, and if it had backfired richt would be in a deep, dark hole right now.

    good play coach, because that’s what it was. just like the call the timeout right before the field goal play (which, if i’m not mistaken, pope urban did in the auburn game???). the difference to me is that richt put it right out there at the beginning. he went ‘all in’ and florida had the whole game to beat us. the last second field-goal timeout thing is within the rules, but it SUCKS.