Speaking of classless…

The Ol’ Ball Coach weighs in on the Celebration.

“I guess they lost so much to Florida they got to the point they said, ‘Hey, let’s try something different,’ ” said South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who went 11-1 against Georgia at Florida. “Let’s all run out there and go crazy and act like a bunch of happy Bulldogs or something, and don’t worry about the 15-yard penalty.”

It’s nice to know that Spurrier still can make time to think about Georgia football after his team blows a game – to Phil Fulmer! – because the opposing kicker gets a second chance to send the game into overtime due to a penalty by the kid’s own team.

Secondly, you just know he had to be thinking something along the lines of “if I were still coaching in Gainesville and Georgia had pulled that kind of crap on my team, there’s no way I wouldn’t have made them pay for it…”

There is no truth to the rumor that Urban is sporting a “what would Spurrier do?” bracelet there… (photo courtesy AB-H/ John Curry)

Dawg fans, Florida and Spurrier took it on the chin painfully last Saturday. Revel in this.


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