Did you order the Code Red?

I dissed Zemek’s article in CFN yesterday, so it seems only fair to point out what Pete Fiutak has to say about the WLOCP today. It’s pretty good. My favorite line:

I guarantee you the first thing that went through Meyer’s mind when he saw what was happening was, “Aw crap. I wish I had thought of that first.”


UPDATE:  Tater Tot agrees.  (But check out Tuberville’s courageous fence straddling.)


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2 responses to “Did you order the Code Red?

  1. Penguin

    Looks like in the final tally it was just a case of players going beyond what the coach had in mind. Coach Richt has more than a little in the bank when it comes to class, so you take him at his word and move on. He has earned the benefit of the doubt.



  2. SonuvaDawg

    “What did Meyer say to his Gators on the sidelines to fire them up after the Georgia celebration incident? “We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how ‘bout you!” And then he pointed the Georgia sideline. When the Dawgs failed to respond, Meyer and his team wildly jumped around gleefully yelling, “We got more! We got more!” Georgia won 42-30”

    Hilarious!! Great article!