Happy Halloween

From Dontavius Jackson’s presser to announce his verbal commitment to Georgia:




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  1. Tenn_Dawg

    Great news!!! Senator have looked over UGA’s class on Rivals? They are ranked #2 behind ND. It looks like it is shaping up to be a very good/ great class. I would like to see a couple of more tackles and maybe a guard get added. A LB would be great too. Have you heard anything about Ben Jones (center from AL)? I am wondering how his Sr year is going after totally dominating all those stud d-tackles and ends over the summer camps.

    I was surpirsed to see UT at around #26-27 on the recruiting list. Sometimes they are like FSU and finish in a flurry but right now they only have 3 -4star guys and 7 – 3star guys. I wonder if they have a lot of big time guys on the line? Hoepfully not.

    Oh yeah, the UF win still feels GOOOOOOD!!!!


  2. scdawg

    Plus we got another one from Augusta: Sanders Commings, I believe.

    Also Senator, I know you’ll appreciate this. Posted on the Big Lead as a playoff proposal. Just awful; maybe the worst I’ve ever seen.

    “My Radical idea for College Football is to adopt the European Football model of promotion and relegation. Divide the Division 1 and 1A programs into 12 team leagues, then play your schedule against the other 11 teams in your league and then have playoffs for the top four and bottom four teams for promotion and relegation. That way each Saturday you get your top level programs playing, the lower levels still have fan interest because you watch your program move up or down in prestige. If we had this system Notre Dame would be a third Division team next year. I know it would never happen but really could you imagine a better product than that?”


  3. scdawg, I saw that… I hate to tell you, but I pitched something similar to that several months ago, although I had some different wrinkles.

    So, obviously, there must be a few worse ideas out there. 😉


  4. scdawg

    Maybe I’m misreading it, but doesn’t his idea just disregard conferences entirely, though? Don’t compositions of the leagues rotate depending on who’s good or bad that year? I don’t want a playoff, but I guess I could live with it. What I could not live with is not playing FL, AU, TN, SC, hell, even Vandy, every year as part of an SEC schedule. To me that is CFB, the bowls and whatever else happens later are just fluff. Then we throw in road trips to ASU, OSU, and Colorado for something different.

    I don’t really care for your proposal, but you at least grasp the significance of the regular season, and try to keep the conferences intact.


  5. I don’t think he’s disregarding conferences entirely, but he’s creating a much more fluid arrangement within a conference than we’ve got now, or even than I suggested in my proposal.

    One bad thing about his concept is that he seems to be doing away with interconference play totally, both for the regular season and the postseason. I don’t see how anyone would be happy with that.