Steve Spurrier has some advice for Urban Meyer.

The Evil Genius is ready if anybody ever tries to pull that Celebration crap on him.

Make sure you watch the video to get the true flavor of his comments… it’s pretty tongue in cheek.

(h/t Best of the SEC Blogs)

It’s a lot more fun to talk about the WLOCP than losing to Phil Fulmer.


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2 responses to “Steve Spurrier has some advice for Urban Meyer.

  1. Dawgy

    Stevie boy, aka “The Offensive Genius” needs to worry about his own team’s problems. To be specific his teams pitiful offense.

    Who cares what he would do anyway? It’s none of his business.


  2. Well, in the OBC’s defense, it sounds like he’s responding to media questions there.

    I don’t think he’s particularly worried. It was just a good opportunity to get some shots in against opposing coaches (and some of his own players, to tell the truth).