A tale of two photos

It was the best of times…

(via Georgia Sports Blog)

… it was the worst of times…

(AP Photo/Phil Coale)


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6 responses to “A tale of two photos

  1. SonuvaDawg

    Pic 1: Hey Urban watch what happens right over there after we score our first TD

    Pic 2: We ain’t yo bitch no more, see ya next year!


  2. Lady Jaye

    I love it. I hope that CUM has nightmares for years to come about that game! Go Dawgs!


  3. masivatack

    the police officer behind them looks quite concerned that, after that game, UM had a bomb strapped to him.


  4. Atlchris

    Pic 1: Keep your eye on number 77.. You’re in for a show…

    Pic 2: Good game but your breath smells like shit… Guess it’s from all the snot drainage from crying…


  5. okay, i need some perspective. as a rabid dawg fan who just came to expect a loss to florida i saw the celebration as harmless. the volume of protest seems pretty loud so i must ask myself, what if it had been florida? would i still think it was harmless?

    my thinking is that richt has given me no reason to suppose that he is a dirty coach and i believe his explanation of the celebration.

    if he had told the team to ‘go out and hit someone’ after the first TD and a fight had erupted OR if a fight had erupted anyway then i would have to take a hard stand against.

    as it stands, it SEEMED from watching what went on that at worst it was a goofy celebration with a taunt or two thrown in (which WAS penalized) and at best was a little over exuberance after a great play and a less than clear suggestion from the coach.

    at worst i think richt was irresponsible. at best, a genius move that worked and took big, large, brass balls to call.


  6. They appear to be very happy in love!