The Dead Guy does some figurin’.

I meant to mention this post over at The Dead Guy’s SEC site (one of my favorite blog names, by the way), but sort of got distracted with you know what this week.

Anyway, TDG has taken a fantasy football approach to ranking the teams based on certain statistical criteria…

* Points per game (Offense and Defense)
* Yards per game (Offense and Defense)
* Yards per carry (Offense and Defense)
* Pass Efficiency (Offense and Defense)
* 3rd Down Conversions (Offense and Defense)
* Turnover Margin

… he’s pulled from the SEC stats site.

You can see the chart he’s assembled with the data at the link.  For the most part, the stats track the team’s records fairly well, with two exceptions – Arky, which looks much better, statistically speaking, than its 5-3 record would indicate and South Carolina, which is just the opposite.

Once again, you look at LSU’s stats and wonder how the Tigers ever lose a game.  Georgia and Alabama’s numbers are interesting for their consistency (and note that ‘Bama doesn’t rank higher than LSU in any single category, although I have no idea what that will mean for tomorrow’s game).

Mark Twain or Benjamin Disraeli aside, the numbers don’t lie about Ole Miss.  The Rebs pretty much stink on ice.

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  1. Bulldog Bry

    Nothing to add. Just wanted to say this has become one of my favorite sites.

    I LOVE looking at that SEC stat page, too.