Stayin’ classy

Between Nick Saban and Troy’s Larry Blakeney, I have a hard time deciding who was the bigger jerk yesterday.

Michael Elkon is right about how Saban’s “you have a great team” comment to Miles after the game came off.

But this quote from Blakeney…

“The crowd that stayed booed us for trying to execute, which was funny,” Blakeney said. “I think we certainly had the potential to win, and I doubt we’ll get any quick invites back here.”

… probably edges Saban out by a nose, because it manages to combine arrogance with a stubborn cluelessness (Troy wasn’t going to score eighteen points in eleven seconds; so much for that “potential to win”, coach) that grates especially in the wake of two kids getting hurt in the last, meaningless eleven seconds of the game.



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3 responses to “Stayin’ classy

  1. Cerbera

    Quite irritating, that move of his. Troy fans next to me shouted over the booing “Just let the kids play!”

    Yeah, play… and get injured. How wonderful.

    I’m with the Mayor, though: “what do you expect from an Auburn alumnus?”


  2. Vince Dooley


    I am an Auburn alumnus.



  3. Evidently things went downhill after you left, coach. 😉