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Sex and drugs and rock and roll…

After seeing this headline, I think we’ve got this Tennessee program all wrong:

Police quiz UT center McNeil, charge three women found in his bed

Look at Knoxville as the Playboy Mansion South, and Fulmer as a very large, very orange Hugh Hefner, and it all begins to make sense. Strange sense, maybe, but sense…

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Take him or leave him

Many in the Dawgnation are enamored of Auburn’s defensive coordinator, former Georgia player Will Muschamp.

Courtesy of Josh Kendall’s blog (new blog alert!), here’s a quote from Muschamp’s boss about the job he’s doing this year:

“He’s done a good job, but he’s got some good players. This is kind of a player’s defense.”

As ringing endorsements go, that one’s not exactly top of the line. Maybe Tubs is just trying to chill the bidding, so to speak, if he leaves for TAMU


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It’s probably Comcast’s fault.

I’ve said that I like Ohio State as the top team in the country right now, because in a crazy year like we’re seeing, any top tier team that can go out and take care of business week after week deserves credit for that.

But, after reading this post of LD’s over at Gunslingers, I’ve got to say that my faith is more than a little shaken.

… Currently there are 49 teams bowl eligible (6 wins). Right now the University of Georgia has 1 out-of-conference win against a bowl eligible team (Troy). Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and LSU all also have an out-of-conference win against a bowl eligible team. 5 Pac-10 teams (Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington) have an OOC win against a bowl eligible team. 5 ACC teams (FSU, NC State, Miami, UVA, VT) also have an OOC win against a bowl eligible team. 5 Big XII teams (Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, A&M) also have an OOC win against a bowl eligible team. 3 of the 8 Big East teams (Cincy, USF, WVU) have an OOC win against a bowl eligible team. That’s 23 teams in BCS conferences (out of 54 total, 43%). In non BCS conferences, C-USA has two teams (Tulsa, UTEP) with OOC wins against bowl eligible teams. Navy has a win against a bowl eligible team. In the MWC, Wyoming has a win against a bowl eligible team. What’s the big deal about that?

Each of those 27 teams, individually, has more wins over bowl eligible nonconference opponents, than the ENTIRE Big Ten put together. [Emphasis added.] And I’m not talking just nonconference opponents in BCS conferences. Any conference. The Big Ten, as of right now, does not have a single win in a nonconference game against a team currently bowl eligible. The best nonconference wins for the entire conference right now?

Michigan State over 5-4 Bowling Green
Northwestern over 5-4 Nevada
Purdue over 5-4 Central Michigan

That’s it. No wins over any BCS conference teams above .500. No wins against the 42 teams outside the Big Ten that are currently bowl eligible.

That’s beyond pathetic.  Although, as LD notes, Big Ten fans can get excited over the prospect that Central Michigan can become bowl eligible with a win over Western Michigan this week.

No wonder the Zooker looks like a coaching genius right now.

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It’s not your father’s SEC East this year.

Over at Orange and Blue Hue, Keltic Gator has a post up about the SEC East in 2007 that is a fabulous read.

This year, things just aren’t what they used to be in this division.  Check out this startling point:

… Out of the 12 SEC teams in the league only one Eastern team ranks in the top 4 defenses in the league based on the 9 categories kept by the SEC office (Scor. Def, Rush Def, Pass Def, Pass Def Effic, Total Def, Red Zone Def, 1st Downs All, 3rd Downs Allowed, and 4th Downs Allowed).  That team is the Vanderbilt Commodores.

That deserves a Keith Jacksonesque “whoa, Nellie”.  Read the whole thing.

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What do Mike Bobo and Phil Steele have in common?

Evidently, an affinity for diet soda:

Somewhere between offensive coordinator Mike Bobo pounding Diet Cokes in the coaches’ box — he goes through close to a 12-pack a game…

Jeebus.  That makes you wonder why Georgia isn’t running some crazed version of a no-huddle offense by the middle of the fourth quarter.

Seriously, if the last two games are any indication, there are some good things stirring with the Dawg offense:

… Georgia has scored 86 points in the past two weeks. That is the most since it had 93 points in back-to-back games in 2004.

The Bulldogs have averaged more than 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing in the past two games. Georgia has never struck such an equal balance in back-to-back games in coach Mark Richt’s seven seasons. Only twice in the previous two years has Georgia even hit 200 yards in both offensive categories in a single game.

And Georgia has scored touchdowns of 84, 80 and 53 yards. Last season the longest touchdowns, running and passing, were 41 yards each. In addition, the 84-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford to Mohamed Massaquoi was the longest since 2003. Moreno’s 80-yard touchdown run this season is the longest in a decade.

Taken separately, that probably doesn’t mean too much, but together, there would seem to be some indication that Bobo is beginning to establish a solid offensive flow.  Richt thinks much of that is derived from an offensive line that is starting to coalesce, and I think there’s some justification for that.  I think you’ve also got to acknowledge that, with Moreno’s emergence, Georgia has its first legitimate, consistent playmaker on offense in a while, and that has to help a bunch, too.

But it may be that some of that success on offense is also the result of the level of the defenses Georgia has seen the last two weeks.  In any case, that’s something we’ll get a better feel for on Saturday, as Auburn certainly presents a greater challenge:

… The future for Georgia holds a saltier defense than the ones it has faced in the past two weeks. This week’s opponent, Auburn, is eighth nationally in total defense, whereas Florida was 40th and Troy was 65th.


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