Sex and drugs and rock and roll…

After seeing this headline, I think we’ve got this Tennessee program all wrong:

Police quiz UT center McNeil, charge three women found in his bed

Look at Knoxville as the Playboy Mansion South, and Fulmer as a very large, very orange Hugh Hefner, and it all begins to make sense. Strange sense, maybe, but sense…

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  1. Tenn_Dawg

    I posted that same story on the Athens Online Forum. Very strange. How stupid does this guys think cops are. The other thing that I find interesting is Phillip’s position that suspending his guys for practices and allowing them to play in games will somehow teach them a lesson. I never played college ball but I did play high school ball and I never would have objected to sitting out a practice or two.

    This guy was suspended for two spring practices. Smoker Coker was suspended for bowl practices and allowed to play in the bowl. Later he was suspended for those brutal two a days in 105 degree heat this past summer and missed the Cal game. Way to show’em Phil.


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    Senator….here is an update. BTW it is all a misunderstanding.

    “Terming an encounter with Knoxville police a misunderstanding, Tennessee football center Josh McNeil met with media this afternoon and explained his side of the incident that occurred early Sunday morning at his residence.
    At the media session today, McNeil explained that he had taken the drug Ambien, a sleep aid that was prescribed for him.
    The three girls in the room were his girlfriend and two of her friends, who were sleeping on the floor of his room, coach Phillip Fulmer said.
    McNeil said he had forgotten his keys and did use a flower pot to break the window.
    Fulmer said that McNeil is an avid hunter, explaining why the guns were in the apartment.
    After reading from the statement, McNeil expressed his displeasure with media coverage of the incident.
    He said he understands the fact that he is a public figure makes him more in the public eye, but is primarily upset that his girlfriend was mentioned in stories.
    McNeil had been suspended from five spring practices this year after being cited in March by police on charges of underage consumption of alcohol and public intoxication.
    Citing that McNeil was not arrested, Tiffany Carpenter, UT athletic department public relations director, said UT is not planning any disciplinary measures against McNeil.”

    Boy that explains everything?????


  3. Well, TD, like they always say, truth is stranger than friction… 😉