Matthew, this one’s on you.

Will Muschamp, quoted in today’s Athens Banner-Herald

“Georgia’s able to spread you and run it and spread you and throw it,” Muschamp said. “Georgia offers a lot because I think Matthew Stafford is a gunslinger. He’s a really outstanding quarterback. He’s got tremendous arm talent. His best days are ahead of him and he is a guy that certainly you can’t totally load the box against him because of what he can do down the field to you.”

Maybe there’s some wiggle room in “totally load the box” – no, I don’t expect to see both safeties up on the line in an attempt to shut down Moreno – but, especially after seeing what Georgia did to Florida’s defense in the first half when the Gators (unsuccessfully) left their safeties back in coverage, if Muschamp chooses not to bring up help to attack the line of scrimmage and make Stafford beat his defense, I think Georgia’s offense will do just fine.

Except I don’t expect Muschamp to game plan like that.   Which means that Stafford has to come up with a good enough game in response to make Muschamp back off…


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6 responses to “Matthew, this one’s on you.

  1. kckd

    Fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice, shame on Muschamp.

    He certainly did enough last year to make him back off.


  2. Yeah, but it’s all relative. Right now, the surest offensive threat Georgia has is Moreno, not Stafford. You’ve got to start by trying to slow the Dawg running game down. It’s up to MS to keep Muschamp honest.


  3. Regardless of how Auburn lines up, you will see us try to establish Moreno on the first series. I wonder how the run/pass ratio will turnout. Against Florida we were basically 44/18. Last year against Auburn it was 46/20. That looks like a successful combo as long as Moreno gets off to a fast start. Somehow, I don’t think Stafford will have 73 yards rushing again this year.


  4. marketinghelper

    I’m not big on georgia(im from california haha) but this has great insight. You are right about their threats.


  5. Buck in the NW

    Just read where CMR says that MS call an audible 60-70 % on all of the plays so that means that the brain game will be between Muschamp and Stafford. Shows some real skill on the part of a true Soph. QB.


  6. Did you know that you’re listed as one of the “Top Posts” on WordPress? That’s awesome…congrats!