More love for Stacy

In the “for what it’s worth” department, CFN’s Richard Cirminiello has some nice things to say about Georgia’s offensive line.

13. Georgia – Considering that freshmen Trinton Sturdivant and Chris Davis are starters, the Bulldogs have held together extremely well, allowing 11 sacks and clearing a path for another rookie, Knowshon Moreno, to rush for over 150 yards in the last three games.  Someone hurry up and promote O-line coach, Stacy Searels.
Grade: 3.28
Big Kahuna: Chester Adams

That’s “13” as in the thirteenth best offensive line among all BCS teams.  (Although he’s not very forthcoming about his methodology.)  He only has three SEC lines ahead of Georgia’s.

Again, at the beginning of the season, who’da thunk it?



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2 responses to “More love for Stacy

  1. Bulldog Bry

    While most within the Dawg nation appreciate Searels, it’s nice to see someone from the outside recognize him.
    I guess all that “in your face” yelling paid off.

    Chester Adams = Cheese Kahuna


  2. kckd

    Well, I was a lot closer to thinking it than you were. (wink,wink)