You can’t win.

That’s what I love about pundits like TSN’s Tom Dienhart. In throwing out another one of his execrable coaching job columns, here’s what he has to say about the rumor of Tuberville going to TAMU:

Adding credence to the storyline is Tuberville’s refusal to deny the talk. He could have diffused the subject with a denial. He did not.

Now I’m not a big fan of Tuberville, but give me a break here. If Tubs “denies the talk” now, but takes the job later, he’ll be immediately branded a lying SOB (which is pretty much what happened when he left Ole Miss for Auburn). But if he keeps his powder dry by refusing to add to the speculation, he makes the rumors more credible in the minds of douche bags like Dienhart.

Next up: Tom Dienhart asks Tuberville if he’s stopped beating his wife.



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7 responses to “You can’t win.

  1. Never mind the fact that we already have a prime example just a couple hundred miles away of what happens when a coach categorically denies that he’s taking Job X. How much you wanna bet that if Tuberville had said straight up, “I’m not taking the TAMU job,” Dienhart would’ve responded with, “J’accuse! That’s the same thing Saban said!”


  2. Exactly. There’s no correct answer TT could give on Dienhart’s test…


  3. Kit

    I hope he leaves and pulls another Coach Fran at A&M. I can’t stand the guy. Hell if he’s smart, he’d leave now anyway. Things are going to be tough on Auburn with Alabama’s hype right down the road.


  4. masivatack

    There was also a mention of WILL FREAKING MUSCHAMP as a good fit to coach at Tech.


    “If Gailey is canned at season’s end, I expect the school to go after a hot young assistant. How about Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp? He’s a perfect fit on many fronts. But would the Tech brass have the guts to hire a former Georgia Bulldog?”

    The real question should be:

    “Does Will Muschamp Have the Brass Nuts to be hired by Tech”

    I believe that might take a bit of the joy out of beating the nerds year in and year out. Not much, but still.


  5. If Tech had any sense, the “hot young assistant” it ought to look at in the wake of Chan’s departure is this guy.

    I don’t know if he’d make the Jackets better immediately, but they’d sure be a helluva lot more fun to watch.


  6. As long as none of these schools poach Paul Johnson, I will be happy.


  7. Johnson would be great for Tech, but I don’t know if they’ve got the money to spend on him right now.

    He’s the highest paid employee of the federal government – $1 million per year. I presume he’d want more to move to Tech, but who knows?