Paint it black.

My gawd, enough with the black jersey speculation already!

It’s starting to sound like the reaction to the Tuberville to TAMU rumors… except it’s a lot more trivial.

… Of course, Richt keeps refusing to deny the black jersey rumor (he did it again Thursday), which just adds to the rumor.



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3 responses to “Paint it black.

  1. Looking back, we really missed an opportunity here, because if we’d really wanted to f%$# with the opponents’ heads, we would’ve spread a rumor that we were going to come out in all-white uniforms. Supposedly Auburn has won like 12 or 16 games straight wearing all white; some of the Aubies in my neck of the woods have become obsessed with those things.


  2. Cerbera

    Sorry if you’ve seen this already, but I just discovered it and wanted to spread it all over the Dawg-osphere. Truly epic.
    Best viewed in Internet Explorer.


  3. You are completely right, people are going crazy trying to figure out if Georgia will play in black jerseys. What’s more important here people, what Georgia plays in or how Georgia plays?
    I personally think the Georgia players would look great in black jerseys, but I know Georgia’s traditions are red jersey with silver pants. It really wouldn’t bother me what color jersey they play in, just as long as they play great in it.