Another peek inside the looney bin

Assuming that the Nuttster and the University of Arkansas part ways after this season, I have one burning question: who in his right mind would accept that job?

I mean, the qualifications for the job don’t just include the usual “X’s and O’s” and “Jimmies and Joes” stuff that every other D-1 coach is expected to have mastered. You’ve got to have intimate familiarity with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act if you expect to succeed in Fayetteville. You’ve got to anticipate the legal ramifications of benching a popular player.

In short, the next Head Hog needs to be a lawyer.

Fortunately, such a man exists…

Mike Leach… coach, lawyer, pirate. A true renaissance man.

It’s a great match. After all, we’ve been assured that Arkansas fans are some of the best fans in the nation. Coach, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Actually, that guy’s a pretty good shot.


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One response to “Another peek inside the looney bin

  1. Dawg 05

    My vote is for Jerry Glanville, if merely for a spin off series of one of my favorite soap operas “Los Cronicas de Boss Hawg: En Fuego!”