Maybe I can figure Mandel out while I shave.

I just got out of the shower and noticed that Stewart Mandel picks Auburn to defeat Georgia tomorrow. No shame in that.

Except that rang a bell with me. Sure enough, four days ago Mandel predicted that Georgia would face Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl as a BCS at large team.

Just curious, Stewart: has a three loss team that didn’t win its conference championship ever earned a BCS at large spot?


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4 responses to “Maybe I can figure Mandel out while I shave.

  1. Scott

    The way this year is going I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3 loss at large team but that would mean that UGA loses to AU but beats LSU. Otherwise they would be a 4 loss team. Looking at how it all seems to be playing out.


  2. Well, anything could happen, but keep in mind that Mandel has Georgia in the BCS as an at large team and LSU playing for the MNC. Neither of those would occur if Georgia wins the SECCG.


  3. Chase

    Only way this happens is if Tennessee loses one more game and then gets thrashed in the SECCG AND Auburn loses to Alabama. Somehow I don’t think Mandel analyzed it to that extent.


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