Karma is a beyotch, Ole Ball Coach edition

With 1:45 remaining in the game, after a USC timeout, Florida, leading by 13 at the time, scores on a 21 yard touchdown pass from Tim Tebow to Andre Caldwell, running up 51 points on Spurrier in his own stadium.

Gee, that kinda takes you back, doesn’t it?

Lose to Clemmins, and this once top 10 ranked program may not even make a bowl appearance.   How the mighty have fallen.


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4 responses to “Karma is a beyotch, Ole Ball Coach edition

  1. Ally

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving man!


  2. I was just wondering how old you were, Senator. I am having trouble reconciling in my brain the fact that I think you have teenagers and that you are new school enough to use the term ‘beyotch’ in context!


  3. kckd

    Well, that makes two for me.

    I said that the job Lou did wasn’t as bad as SC fans made it out to be and that to this point SOS hadn’t elevated SC to the heights they reached in 2000-2001 under Holtz. At this point SOS is looking almost exactly like Holtz 2000-2002. Two nice seasons (though Granny’s were better) and a good start but awful finish in the third.


  4. SC’s been hurt down the stretch by the loss of Brinkley on defense.

    That being said, I think this year has exposed the one long term criticism many folks have had about SOS, namely, that he doesn’t always settle on a very good defensive coordinator. I questioned the hiring of John Thompson in the first place, but at least Spurrier had the sense to run him off quickly. It’s starting to look like Nix’ days are numbered, too.

    I’m somewhat surprised at how little SC’s offensive line and wide receivers have developed this year. That’s never been a problem for Spurrier before, so it makes you wonder how good the talent evaluation in Columbia is these days.

    If the ‘Cocks finish 6-6 this year and don’t do a whole lot better next year, you wonder if the OBC starts losing a little interest in what he’s doing there. The thing is, it’s hard to see how SC gains ground on Florida and Georgia in ’08 right now.