Another college football buffet

This and that around the college football scene on a beautiful Monday morning:

  • Whatever you thought about the officiating in Georgia’s game on Saturday (after watching a replay, it wasn’t quite as bad as I originally believed, although there were two clearly questionable calls that were certainly rebuke-worthy), it’s doubtful you hold a candle to what Mike Leach said in the wake of the Texas-Texas Tech game.
  • I confess that I’m getting a wee bit tired of the “Evil Richt” meme that’s winding its way around the blogs, but this is… inspired.
  • For those of you already penning in an LSU-Oregon matchup in the BCS title game (the ultimate wet dream for “my conference is superior” buffs everywhere), maybe you should wait and see what happens in the Big XII with Kansas first. Yeah, I know the Jayhawks’ schedule bites the proverbial big one, but they’ll have to get by Missouri and Oklahoma to go undefeated. You’d have to think if that happened, it would boost their chances considerably. Speaking of Kansas, is there anybody out there that would pay money to watch Mangino and Friedgen chest bump? I know I would.
  • While we’re on the subject of coaches, this is classy.
  • Georgia’s offense in the red zone isn’t just #1 in the conference, it’s first nationally as well.
  • Skipping past the asshats that have lost all sense of proportion regarding the Nuttster, Arkansas has a great fan base which deserves better than the soap opera it’s been forced to endure this year. That being said, death watch years like this one tend to bring out morbid humor, and these guys don’t disappoint: Then we ‘three and out’ to start the second half. They score in three plays. So much for halftime adjustments. “They just ran through us like Phil Fulmer goes through a dozen donuts,” one Hog fan near me said.
  • Navy and North Texas combined for 590 yards and 63 points in one quarter. Dennis Dodd thinks that might be part of a bigger picture in college football this year. He may be right. I just hope the NCAA doesn’t decide it’s too much and start tinkering with the clock rules. Again.
  • And the presumably clean shaven Stewart Mandel has a new reason why he can’t figure out what Georgia’s up to. The Dawgs have been “reinvented”. He can’t figure out why UT is ranked so far behind Georgia, either. Stewart, you think losing three games by a total of 77 points might influence the voters’ thinking a little?


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5 responses to “Another college football buffet

  1. peacedog

    I absolutely loathe the “how is team A ranked behind team B when A defeated B”, as it too frequently comes up without any context to back it.

    As you note, UT has 3 awful losses. UGA has one awful loss, and another “neutral” loss. UGA has better wins than UT does as well. It would be one thing if they had identical records, or very similar resumes. But they aren’t that similar.


  2. pd, not only that, but Georgia’s beaten two teams that UT lost to by a total of 63 points.

    You really wonder if Mandel’s brain is engaged when he writes some of the stuff he does.


  3. peacedog

    No, his brain is not engaged . Or rather, it is not engaged in a manner we can grok. As you note a few posts down from this, he also did the “UGA in the sugar bowl” and then picked us to lose the Auburn game.

    Look, people change their minds, so I’m not trying to hold him to some impossible standard. The fact is, it’s entirely likely he makes so many lists and so many predictions he doesn’t always have his eye on that big picture. And, he can be thinking in terms of one scenario for the bowl games – no major shakedowns to finish the season – and another for his picks, where he’s more focused on the immediate nature of the season.

    But it’s a silly incongruity when he or any other national writer offers up something like this. I guess fans clamor for this stuff, or people do bowl predictions in part because everyone else does them, and by-golly we’re gonna do one too! Still, I’d prefer people try to keep some sort of larger context when doing this stuff.

    Sadly, I don’t think we will be in the Sugar bowl. We just need to beat UK and be satisfied that we did everything we could do post-UT debacle.


  4. As long as we take care of bidness against Kentucky and Tech, it doesn’t matter what Tennessee does or doesn’t do — we’ll be 10-2, no worse than 7th or 8th in the BCS, and a very attractive candidate for an at-large bid. Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, I’ll take any one of ’em.


  5. If we take care of business, and a bunch of other things happen, we’re a darkhorse for the BCS title game. It’s incredibly far-fetched and depends on, like, 15 different variables, but it’s possible … and it’s hard to rule anything out this year.