I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.

thug (plural thugs)

  1. A criminal who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire
  2. One of a band of assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her

It’s been fascinating reading the Florida and Auburn message boards over the past three weeks in the wake of a rejuvenated Georgia team’s wins over both schools. The emerging consensus is that Richt is in the process of converting the Georgia program into Miami or FSU North and that he’s unleashing… well, if not the Mongol hordes, at least a bunch of thugs.

Now understand that nobody’s seen a Georgia player throw a punch or engage in consistently dirty play. And there hasn’t been a hand gun in sight (although we seem to have been overrun with scooters). Nope, the hand wringing and teeth gnashing are all about celebrating.

At least with the Florida game, you could make an argument that what took place occurred with the two teams in close proximity to each other and that there was a risk that a Riot in Cell Block 9 might break out at any minute. (I didn’t say it was a good argument, but at least you could trot it out.)

But here’s what has the Auburn posters’ panties in a wad – dancing on the sidelines.

To be fair, some of the Georgia players were waving towels.

Look, I’m a 51 year old guy who doesn’t particularly like rap music. I’ve got three daughters and I’m more than sympathetic to those who criticize much of the genre for its misogynistic view of women. But it seems to me that if you’re going to elevate dancing to the playing of a rap beat (not the words, mind you) into evidence that a bunch of kids are little more than criminally minded delinquents – double check the definition of “thug” at the beginning of this post, please – you’d best make sure that all the windows in your glass house are brightly polished.

After all, supporters of the Auburn program like to associate themselves with a song that sports lyrics like these:

Welcome to the jungle
We take it day by day
If you want it you’re gonna bleed
But it’s the price you pay
And you’re a very sexy girl
That’s very hard to please
You can taste the bright lights
But you won’t get them for free
In the jungle
Welcome to the jungle
Feel my, my, my serpentine
I, I wanna hear you scream

The generational and social aspects of this don’t escape me. And this isn’t to say that if you want to argue that you don’t like piped in music of any sort at a college game that I wouldn’t listen more favorably to your griping. (I would.)

But the ante is considerably upped in my opinion when you start tossing out the “t” word. Unless you want to start calling these guys thugs, too.

Loosen up, folks. When Lundquist and Danielson are jiggling along, it’s just not worth getting worked up about this.


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17 responses to “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.

  1. Thanks for answering my question, old man. 🙂

    Oh, and excellent post – as usual.


  2. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone in this post, BD. 😉


  3. SoccerDawg

    Thanks for this post.

    Some people just can’t stand when other people have fun. They want everyone to be just as uptight and miserable as they are.

    I imagine these people are not athletes, nor ever played at a highly competitive level where energy, intensity and confidence are equally as important as talent – because everyone on the field has talent.

    Loosen up. Enjoy the players, Sanford Stadium, and the game. We’ve got a great thing going.



  4. DirkDawggler

    My mother calls me long distance from Athens, while watching the game:

    “And who is this soldier boy?,” she says.

    “Well, mom. He’s a graduate assistant who roams the sidelines to fire up the team,” I reply.

    “Well, O.K. then. I think he’s wonderful.” Mom says.



  5. hoodawg

    Great post, Senator. Let’s face it — Florida and Auburn fans are just mad that Georgia isn’t showing up for its regularly-scheduled slaughter anymore. It’s very impolite. Rude even.


  6. Dawg 05

    My favorite line is when the Aubies tell us we have lowered our standards and are recruiting thugs that they don’t give a second glance to, despite the fact that we recruit the exact same players year in and year out. Sour grapes.


  7. Get a load of this, guys . . .


    Ah, yes . . . our guys looked like a bunch of “circus monkeys,” he says. Nothing like a little thinly encoded racism to really amp up the moral superiority on the Auburn side, huh?

    And I’d be really interested to find out by what criteria he thinks Auburn “owns” us at this point, but . . . on second thought, nah, not that interested.


  8. Very nice – and he’s far from alone with that crap.

    “Welcome to the Jungle”, indeed.


  9. One could make the argument that if Auburn was that pissed about Georgia dancing, they would’ve done something about it … like not throw another interception.


  10. marketinghelper

    you are MORE than right with this. People have gotten so rediculous these days =/


  11. masivatack

    I don’t think they like the idea that the next few years are going to be really ugly for UGA’s opponents. I am pretty confident we are on the cusp of a historic run the way our underclassmen have been playing and our recruiting board is lining up.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    Good post, Senator. To quote a decent country tune, “my give-a-damn’s busted”


  13. Great post… and excellent videos by the way;) First, that is the latest dance craze that has swept pop culture/urban america/white america slash you name it, and they are probably dancing to that song…lol Not the biggest fan of the kid (he’s 17 yrs old), but he goes by the name of Soulja Boy (www.souljaboytellem.com) and that’s his website if you care to check it out.

    Anyway, to my point. I’m a huge sports fan, and I’m often on the Espn message boards chompin’ it up about my Arizona Wildcats & the Pac 10 or the Louisville Cardinals, and there is always somebody who calls players thugs, monkeys or anything else that is way outta line. Calling someone a Thug when they are black is just a subtle way to call them the N-word. Sports are for our entertainment and enjoyment if you can’t relax and get away from real life, and not deal with the name calling and other politically correct types of things, then we really need to get things in perspective.

    I could go on about this, and I feel I have gone on too long, but as a Black Man, it becomes annoying when college kids are dancing and jumpin’ around having fun, and they get called thugs or the politically correct police come out and say shame on them or this or that.

    It’s a game, and it should be treated as such because there are far more important things to talk about than somebody “crankin’ dat Soulja Boy”


  14. Great post, although I don’t follow sports of any kind I found this quite interesting.


  15. I’m SO tired of people calling us monkeys… When blacks have made great strides in this country.. Look at Thomas Brown and his parent’s.. His parent’s both have doctoral degrees.. This kid is taking 21 hours to graduate this semester, to get ready for the pro draft combine… Take that along with playing major college football… Yeah we sure are some dumb monkey’s… Will some people get a life.. I’m tired of this as –>the average black man putting all his life setbacks on white people… Some people are so anal.


  16. CLTDawg

    Super Secret Code Broken!!!

    Jealous fans of whipped teams use the term THUG to deride superior teams black athletes. Guess it makes them feel better.

    Because we all know how “classy” the UF and AU fan bases are…….

    Should we have considered AU THUGS for shooting us with fire hoses in ’86? I felt like that was an assault. And thugs assault people. They don’t however, dance on a sideline to get themselves and a stadium full of their fans hyped up.

    Poor losers and scared sh*tless if you ask me.


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