The BCS is bad for your health.

Another call for a sixteen team playoff, unburdened by logic:

Think of how the NCAA Tournament captivates the country. Think of how much more popular football is than basketball…

Does it ever occur to people like this that there may be a reason for that?

(h/t The Wizard of Odds) 


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2 responses to “The BCS is bad for your health.

  1. hammerhead

    Huh? Do you seriously question whether a playoff is a good idea?

    Do you really support the current “system”? Answer one question… actually two.

    Why is Division 1 Football the only NCAA sanctioned sport without a playoff?

    Why does every level of football with the lone exception of Division 1 CFB have a playoff? Including my 10 year old’s team?

    Ok – three. How can a champion be determined in any event without some sort of elimination playoff scenario?

    There has never been a true National Champion of major college football. Never.


  2. hammer, rather than answering your questions directly here, I’d suggest you search the archives here to get an idea about my position on D-1 playoffs. Look under “BCS/Playoffs” in Categories on the right.